Vale nostri moriens spiritum

by Andrew Hart

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This album was written and recorded in the months of Oct 2013 - Dec 2013 by Andrew Hart


released December 20, 2013

All music written by Andrew Hart
All instruments played or programmed by Andrew Hart



all rights reserved


Andrew Hart Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nox Aeternum is a project by Andrew C. Hart and it is intended to act as an intermediary to the human spirit.

All music is written, performed and recorded by Andrew C. Hart

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Track Name: Empire of Filth
Take me now
Obstinate arm
Which carries the burden of my heart

Release me
Carapace and skull
You've held the mind of the traveler
About to escape

Uncradle me - until the grave
Thy chorus of blackened winds call out to suffocate

Released - cast out among slugs
Where the feral remain untamed
Devious heart, o devious heart
Transcend until I resonate

Flagrant skies afire
Amidst sanguine seas abroad
Devious heart, o devious heart
Pierce this flesh and purge my soul

Uncradle me - until the grave
Thy chorus of blackened winds call out to suffocate

My skies are empty
Yet forever shine
For alone we suffer
And alone I die
Track Name: We Are But Falling Leaves
"Make me a God"
By graceful tunes off lips now ceased
Hear her whisper
A foul voice to welcome my loneliness

Oh Beseech your god
Why inspire the feeble fall flat?
The Earth still burns the souls of our feet
As we land on our backs

As we drift among the stars
Ageless, still he sleeps
So Rapidly thy needles Collapse
No offering - we are but falling leaves

No origin grows without root
Nor conviction breeds before torment
Pray to ask the bitter and burning
As we sow the seed - alive in torture

Exhort or beg
Call on me

Wakeful sleep
Shepherds' keep
Archaic need

Spread the disease

As we drift among the stars
Perdition is never to sleep
Like litany our spines will buckle
And sacrifice - forever falling leaves
Track Name: Dawn of a Dead Sun
My downbeat song resounds through the night
Wistful sails

With a guilt-carved heart that fades into white
Forged from nails

Black is the ash which rimes my beard
Tired and true

Reason the muse that admits my boots
She's led by the moon

Casting Shades Run away from the light
Forces to whither or grow
Smoldering the wick high both sides tonight
As glazes blaze out 'cross the grove

Will they ever see truth through the light
From the vantage of the decadent canopy
Or will they be lost in dissolute shadow as all
Fades into eternal entropy

No - our Sun is dying

Our Sun is dead

Bring us back from the silence

Stir the motionless dread

No - our Sun is dying

Our Sun is dead

Serve the earth as a ghost

And pray our paths diverge forever - Amen

Try as you might you'll never be close
To the crux and the core

Whore of the spirit heed counsel expose
To be raped once more

Set flame to idols be branded and black
Ignite the iron

Crumble the stone which never turns back
Dissent o defier